7th Grade Overnight Trip 2014 – Shelter Island

Contributed by DELTA Director and 7th Grade HomeBase Teacher Dr. Sherronda Brown

From Sept. 30 to Oct. 2, the 7th grade, along with their HomeBase teachers and 7th Grade Dean Liz Traub, enjoyed the tranquility of Quinipet Camp and Retreat Center on Shelter Island, N.Y. during the three-day 7th Grade Overnight Trip. Living in separate houses by HomeBase, they seized the opportunity to form close bonds with one another.

The students were placed into small groups in which they performed challenging team building exercises. There was a fair amount of problem solving and collaboration involved. The tasks seemed simple, however, the coordination and good thinking around problem solving took a great deal of time and commitment from the whole group.

Aside from team building, the 7th graders also had lessons in survival skills and science. Students were introduced to primitive tools, which they were invited to use on their own. They created ink from clay; drills from wood; rope and stone; and smoke/fire from rock, rope and timber.

In addition to the exposure of environmental science at the Mashomack Preserve on Shelter Island, students were treated to a hands-on science lab with a conservationist. They also learned about species of owls as predatory animals. The students then examined owl pellets to discover some of the dietary habits of owls. Most commonly found were rodent bones obtained from the dissected pellets.

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