Construction Continues, Inspires Field Trips

Thanks to the construction of the Hajjar STEM Center, it can be said that STEM is in the air, on the ground, and on everyone’s mind at D-E. Along with progress on the new facility, STEM-related activity this spring included a field trip to the construction site for second graders and off-campus adventures related to STEM academic work for students in the Upper School.

This spring, the building site provided fascinating scenes, beyond our traditionally beautiful, blooming campus. View the building’s progress online anytime, 24/7, via our D-E STEMcam, at:  


Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to share with you this exciting update on our Hajjar STEM Center. Each day new progress is unfolding behind the construction fencing adjacent to my office in Leggett Hall.  First, it was the demolition of the maintenance shed to allow room for the new structure. That was followed by tree and soil removal—a mass excavation to create “Rodney’s dirt” behind the tennis courts and Graham Field to be used at a later date. The footings have been installed and the foundation is in place. Within weeks the steel structure will go up and what has only been visible on paper so far, will begin to take shape, bringing the Hajjar STEM Center closer to reality.

This is an incredibly special time for our community as we come together to sign the final I beam and celebrate the progress to date. The vision for this project has been a long time in the making. Thanks to the leadership of the Hajjar Family and the commitments of over 70 donors, we are less than $2 million from our $15 million goal. Many thanks to those who have believed in this project from inception and shown their support — we would not be here without you.

We look forward with great anticipation to Fall 2015!

Dr. Rodney V. De Jarnett, Head of School


▲ Left to right: Commence demolition of existing maintenance building, Mass excavation/soil removal, Concrete placement at east foundation wall, East foundation wall


▲ Demolition of existing maintenance building


▲ Mass excavation/soil removal


▲ Site after soil removal and renderings of final building


▲ Concrete footing placement

Many thanks to the following leadership donors.
With their support, we look forward to opening this exciting new facility in the Fall of 2015.

Founder ($4,000,000)

  • Sharon and Dr. John Hajjar

Benefactor ($1,000,000)

  • The Grace and Mercy Foundation
  • Jodi and Dr. Bryan Massoud
  • Shelley and Ira Taub and The Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation

Leader ($500,000)

  • Abbey and Steve Braverman
  • Loren Merson-Breslow ’91 and Dr. Gary Breslow
  • Frank Leanza
  • Holly Peterson Foundation

Fellow ($250,000)

  • Elisabeth and George Altirs
  • Valentina and Andrey Anikeyev
  • Tipaporn Chearavanont ‘87
  • Lisa Canino D’Alessandro ’83 and Kurt D’Alessandro
  • Fabiana and Victor Gallo
  • Pamela and Dr. Paul Greenberg
  • The Jerome Family
  • Kerry and Michael Lagana
  • Drs. Natasha Leibel and Harlan Levine
  • Tammy and Scott Mager
  • Lisa and Dr. Mehmet Oz
  • Kelly and Ray Spitzley

Patron ($100,000)

  • Anonymous
  • Ronit and Dr. Marc Arginteanu
  • Robin Klehr Avia and Kenneth Avia
  • Dana Drapkin Baumgarten ’94 and Joshua Baumgarten
  • The Borg Family
  • Julie and Eugene Diaz
  • Nila and Nazareth Festekjian
  • The Harjen Charitable Foundation
  • Jacqueline and Herman Hirsch
  • Janine and Marshall King
  • Mazal and James Kong
  • Lisa and Craig Lax
  • Kyung and Dr. Jen Lee
  • Dr. Lili Deligianni and George Leventis
  • Courtney and David Levi
  • Marion and Steve Lobo
  • Diana and Steven Pae
  • Dr. Joan Popkin and Jan Popkin
  • Lois Roman
  • Kelly and Mitchell Sacks
  • Susan and Steven Shaw
  • Jacqueline and Eric Witmondt

Partner ($50,000-$99,999)

  • Anonymous
  • Lynn and Dr. Craig Abramowitz
  • Nelly and Michael Arougheti
  • JoJo and Luis Chang
  • Terri and Fadi Chartouni
  • Lesley and Bill Collins
  • Kristen and Warren Geller
  • Stephanie Goldman-Pittel and Andrew Pittel
  • Barbara and Matthew Golub
  • Helen and Patrick Herssens
  • Rebecca and Richard Koenigsberg
  • Jennifer and John Law
  • Devika and Sivan Mahadevan
  • Yolanda and Meredith Marshall
  • Carren and Dean Shulman
  • Jill Melnick Sedley and Ron Sedley
  • Nancy and Peter Serpico
  • Phoebe Boyer and Todd Snyder
  • Jennifer and Thomas Tierney
  • The Trout Family
  • Eunha and Woo Song
  • Anna and Basil Williams

Contributor ($25,000-$49,999)

  • Gabrielle ’10, Michelle ’12, Lauren ’15 and Eric Aboodi ‘19
  • Karen and Dr. David Abramson
  • Lorin and Jonathan Cook
  • Margaret Holen and David Coulson
  • Parand and Arash Emami
  • Caralyn and Steven Fuld
  • Dyan and Scott Haworth
  • Stacey and Adam Katz
  • Roni and Michael Katz
  • Drs. Jill and Leon Kavaler
  • Amy and Robert Miller
  • Cyma Zarghami ’80 and George Obergfoll
  • Chithra Balasingham and Ravinder Tikoo
  • Caren and Jordan Waxman
  • Robyn Binstein Zeller ’82 and Barry Zeller


Friends (Under $25,000)

  • Dr. Maryann and Mark Aaron
  • Remedios Rogel and Dr. Monqidh Al-Sawwaf
  • Adrienne Buda Anderson ’85 and Christopher Anderson ‘81
  • Patricia Gedney Boig
  • Peggy Ding and Steven Chu
  • The Diaz Family in memory of Joan Judelson
  • Dwight-Englewood School Math and Science Faculty
  • Guohong Fu
  • Mindy and Michael Goldstein
  • Frances and Dr. Mark Gurland ’71
  • Margi and Irwin Hirschberg
  • Juliette and Mark Janssens
  • Anshu and Jatindar Kapur
  • Emily and Charles Lachman
  • Stephanie and Kenneth Landau ‘82
  • Heidi and Steven Lurensky
  • Stephanie Lee ’85 and Harold Lee (in honor of Caroline Lee ’20)
  • Marie and Arthur Ley (in honor of Evan ’13 and Jason King ’16)
  • Marion Lebson Prigoff ’43 and Milton Prigoff
  • Margaret and Dr. Gangram Ragi
  • Jami Rubin and Eric Reiff
  • Tanya Tylevich and Paul Suprun
  • Naomi and Peter Waltman

Our family strongly believes in the innovative example Dwight-Englewood sets for the world around us. We hope that this building will be used by students and teachers alike to inspire creative thinking and promote an excitement for the pursuit of learning.
John, Sharon, Marc ’07, Brian ’11 and Michael ’11 Hajjar

For further information contact: Karen Silvera at (201) 227-3112 or email

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