2014-2015 Swartley Gallery Series: “Becoming Visible”

D-E Visual Arts Department presents the 2014-2015 Swartley Gallery Series Becoming Visible

A Photography Exhibit by Josh Lehrer

D-E’s 2014-2015 Swartley Gallery Series presents a strikingly beautiful new exhibit entitled “Becoming Visible” on New York City’s transgendered homeless youth, featuring the artistic talents of photographer and D-E parent Josh Lehrer.


The exhibit officially opened on Tuesday, Dec. 9, with a set of two kick-off ‘Conversations with Mr. Lehrer’ in the Imperatore Library during lunch (see photos below), as well as the Exhibit Reception in Swartley Gallery that evening, which was open to D-E parents/guardians, alumni and friends.


Since starting in early 2008, Mr. Lehrer has been making the invisible visible by creating eighty (80) portraits that are one-of-a-kind. Upon learning that the fastest growing group of homeless youth was transgendered teens, Mr. Lehrer set out to create honest portraits to help bring awareness of this burgeoning community. In partnership with Visual Arts faculty member Caitlyn Young, D-E’s Director of the Office of MultiCultural Affairs Clinton Carbon has prepared a thoughtful Resource Guide for the Exhibit, which provides contextual background and resources. As noted by Mr. Carbon in this Resource Guide, “Transgendered teens are silent and on the fringes of society. Mr. Lehrer’s work brings these kids out from the shadows by giving them a voice and a safe space to express their individuality. He says, “I want to give them an identity and make the world see them for who and what they are. … The issue of transgenderism is one of sex, gender identity, and gender expression. For transgender people, these categories do not line up and could be switched around. There are no traditional gender roles. Gender is on a continuum and one’s placement can be anywhere along the line. This issue all boils down to a matter of how people choose to identify themselves and the comfort level that comes from making those choices. Respect for choice and one’s own truth are keys to understanding the sensitive nature of all human life.”


For additional information on the photography of Josh Lehrer, visit joshlehrer.com.  


Questions about “Becoming Visible” may be directed via Email to Caitlyn Young at youngc@d-e.org.


For more details on D-E Performing and Visual Arts programs, visit www.d-e.org/arts.

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