7th Grade Advisory Collects Funds, Supplies for Haitian Children

Toward the end of the 2014-2015 school year, one 7th grade homebase advisory decided to organize a fundraiser for the nonprofit Vision for Haiti. According to Mena Tausner ’20 (pictured, far right), during the final two weeks of May, they were able to raise more than $500 through a bake sale, raffles for gift cards and selling “Vision for Haiti” T-shirts. They also managed to collect several boxes of books and school supplies.

“Vision for Haiti directs funds to support very young Haitian children in early grades,” said Mena. “We wanted to do this fundraiser due to a connection that one of our fellow homebase advisory members, India Marseilles ’20 (pictured, at center), has to the organization. [India’s family members originally hail from Haiti.]  Dr. [Sherronda] Brown (pictured, far left), our homebase advisor, was very supportive and encouraging throughout our journey, and during the process, we learned much about running a successful fundraiser. We also really enjoyed ourselves along the way! We were thrilled with the support we received from our classmates, and how well the school responded to our efforts.”

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