Jessie Law ’21 Takes on Dr. D.’s “Chip Challenge”

At the All-School Opening Assembly in September, Head of School Dr. Rodney De Jarnett posed a “Chip Challenge”—a creative problem-solving contest—to the entire D-E community. Who could find a way to put a chip into a water bottle without breaking the bottle or the chip?

Jessie Law ’21 found a way, and it involved creative thinking, perseverance, and a month of trial and error. “I tried cutting open the bottle, but the glue showed,” she says. “I tried putting the Dorito in vinegar, water, and oil, but those just disintegrated it. Then I tried soaking it in sour cream in hopes [of making] the Dorito flexible, but that also didn’t work. Just when I was out of hope, I went to the steamer and put the Doritos [in there], thinking that maybe they would become more flexible but not soggy. I put them on asparagus setting, because you can’t use the steamer without putting it on [a] setting, and I came back in a half an hour, and they were ready. I then tried folding it into the bottle, and it fit!”

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