Learning Boldly with D-E 360° Enrichment Sessions and Workshops

Launched in the Fall of 2015, D-E 360° is one of four divisions of Dwight-Englewood School, offering open-enrollment courses for enrichment, advancement, or for credit. Courses are designed to be multidisciplinary in nature, offering learning across a variety of disciplines for different age groups (including adults). D-E 360° core offerings include Lower School AfterCare & Enrichment (ACE), D-E International, DELTA (Dwight-Englewood Learning and Teaching Academy, for adults), and various Enrichment Sessions throughout the year for both young learners and adults, including Winter MasterClasses and the “Young Visionaries” Workshop—an immersive architecture and design course. The tagline for the program, “Learn Boldly”, is fitting given the breadth and depth of the sessions offered.

Some of the most challenging concertos, suites, and sonatinas from Beethoven, Elgar, Lalo, Vivaldi, Mendelssohn and more were explored within the performance spaces of the Khubani Performing Arts Center earlier this year, when D-E 360° presented its 3rd annual Winter MasterClasses program. This year’s MasterClasses program was expanded to include not only violin and cello but also flute and piccolo, and provided a fantastic performance learning opportunity for participants and audiences alike. The MasterClasses this year featured violinist Jennifer Koh, cellist David Ying, and flautist Mindy Kaufman, representing “the finest level of performance and music instruction” in the words of D-E 360° program director Dr. Sherronda Brown. A select group of 17 young musicians engaged in intense one-on-one open sessions with their respective instructor, all while appreciative audiences listened in on the experts’ feedback, praise, and, occasionally, a bit of tough but gently-delivered advice. The program concluded with a rousing performance of Brahms’ “Hungarian Dance No. 1” by the D-E Upper School Orchestra.

Item9DE360MasterClassDETodaySpring2016From Dwight-Englewood School, cellist Gregory Llewelyn ’19 performed “Cello Concerto in A minor, Op. 33” by Camille Saints-Saëns, a work that he once again performed to a standing ovation during the Upper School Spring Arts Festival. Flautist Marie Ogino ’20 perfected her playing of Bach’s “Flute Sonata in E-flat major, BWV 1031”, and violinist Lawrence Chiang ’17 took on the technically-challenging “Violin Concerto No. 5 in A minor, Op. 37” by Henri Vieuxtemps.

Joining the visiting MasterClass instructors Kaufmann, Koh and Ying, were D-E Strings Director Annaliesa Place, Orchestra Conductor Diego Garcia, and Performing Arts Department Chair John Littlefield, who were “instrumental” in facilitating the MasterClasses, including selecting the student participants. Bravo!

D-E 360° also once again offered Young Visionaries this winter, a popular, after-school architecture course described by Visual Arts faculty member and Enrichment Session instructor Rachel Brusky as a workshop “designed to provide meaningful hands-on learning opportunities that spark students’ innovative and purposeful responses to real-world challenges and concepts in architecture and design.”

“We had an impressive group of 5th-8th graders who accomplished a great deal in our ten class sessions. Students got off to a strong start with drawings of original tree houses in perspective and drawings of their favorite buildings from architectural history. As the class progressed, they went through the process of designing, drawing and painting, and constructing widely diverse three-dimensional models inspired by the theme of nature and architecture. Using recyclables, art materials, faux greenery, and found objects, students brought their visions to life, which included an intricate hexagonal tower, sea shell and lotus flower houses, and an eco-friendly apartment with a model of a salvaged car that was repurposed for growing plants, storing clothes, and for use as a lounge chair.

“There were many more noteworthy projects that showed each students’ passion for architecture, creative thinking, and engineering skills. As students left the showcase event, they were beaming with pride over what they had achieved, and from the experience of working together in the studio as a group of young architects.”

The photos below demonstrate the process followed by the Young Visionaries students, who first designed a portfolio of drawings and then created mixed-media works and architectural models as a way of developing an understanding of various concepts in art, architecture, and design. A culminating exhibition in April at Swartley Gallery gave the students the chance to present their work created in the course.

D-E students enrolled in Young Visionaries included Ellie Chung ’21 (whose artistic process is captured in the photos) along with Charlie Borg ’21; Joshua Burton ’21; Ellen Chung ’22; Jack Herman ’21; Alicia Ju ’23; Wyland June ’20; Anton Lee ’22; and Aryana Ramos-Vazquez ’22.

Editor’s Note: For more information about D-E 360° programming, including all upcoming Summer Connections 2016 offerings, visit de360.d-e.org or call 201-227-3144.


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