Kyle Schoeneborn ‘19, Congressionally Recognized Artist

Kyle Schoeneborn ’19 received a congressional recognition for his artwork that was completed in D-E. Kyle shares how it all came about.

“I received a congressional recognition for a work of art I completed in Ms. Brusky’s Studio Art 1 (2D) Class. One day during art class, my new art teacher for the semester, Ms. Scrivanich, approached me after class and asked if I would be interested in entering this specific piece to the contest. She gave me forms to fill out and so I did. I also had to frame the artwork and drop it off at the gallery it was, at the time, being displayed at. After that, I received a letter with an invitation for my family and I to go to the gallery for a reception.”

There are many reasons to why Kyle creates art. Kyle explains: “there is so much about art that I enjoy. Just to name a few, I love that no matter how simple or complex a piece of work is, it will always be art. Without nimble fingers or the most creative mind, everyone is capable of enjoying, creating, and viewing art. I also love how many fields there are. Visual art in our school includes photography, studio art, printmaking, ceramics, and so much more. There are many options that artists can choose from. Finally, one of the best feelings after working hard on a piece is the sense of accomplishment one gets after the work is completed. After long periods of time, viewing your piece makes you feel very proud. In this particular piece of work, I value the long and hard process. This was the first time I created a mosaic, and after all the hard work, I am very proud of the final product.”

Regarding his future  Kyle says, “I do plan to further pursue achievements in this field. Art is something that continues to bring me joy and if I am capable of getting recognized for my effort and achievements in art, I am able to feel proud and confident about my work and happy that others can enjoy my final product as well. “

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