Fall 2017 D-E Green/Sustainability Updates


By Tasha Urbanowski, Sixth Grade Dean

Volunteer parents and garden club students from Middle and Upper School pitched in to help put the Garden to bed for the winter at the annual fall garden work day. Many thanks to all, and to Sue Evans for organizing and providing the fabulous and now traditional apple cider donuts!
Fall Garden Work Day’s projects include:
  • Weeds in the Path: weeds will flower and spread to the planting beds, thus weeds need to be pulled out by the roots and bagged for sanitary disposal. All the paths, both inside the garden and on the approach, should be free of any vegetation.
  • The Fence: Any vines growing on the fence weaken it and may also set seeds that are weeds-in-waiting. Vines must all be carefully pruned off, not pulled off, so the fence is not scratched, bent or stressed.
  • Top Dress the Beds: Soil needs its annual boost of organic nutrients: a thin top-dressing of cow manure or compost.
  • Shred the Sunflowers: All the sunflowers need to be pulled up from the sunflower house, shredded and put in the compost bin. This is to clean up the perimeter to prevent more weeds growing up and around the fence.
  • Strategically Spread Hardwood Mulch: After all the weeds are out of the path and pulled from the perimeter facing Collin’s House, mulch is to be spread on the places that are thinnest.


By Tasha Urbanowski, Sixth Grade Dean

7th grade DIG students practice wet and dry seed saving techniques and begin their study of seed types and the anatomy of a seed.

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