1. Middle School Enrichment (MSE)
  2. D-E Lower School Spooktacular
  3. Trick or Treat!
  4. “Purple Playground”
  5. Frost Valley
  6. Back-To-School Night
  7. NEW: D-E 360° presents Middle School Enrichment (MSE)!
  8. Introductions
  9. Welcome to the 2019 – 2020 school year
  10. Summer Connections 2019
  11. Make your summer sizzle: Moulin Rouge! On Broadway
  12. D-E 360° View – Summer Notes Edition 7/26/2019
  13. D-E 360° View – Summer Notes Edition 7/19/2019
  14. D-E 360° View – Summer Notes Edition 7/12/2019
  15. Nurse’s Office Update
  16. D-E 360° View – Summer Notes Edition 7/3/2019
  17. Eileen Feikens Appointed Dean of College Counseling
  18. D-E 360° View – Summer Notes Edition 6/28/2019
  19. Rock Out the Summer
  20. Second Grade Garden Store
  21. Village Project Construction Update – June 2019
  22. Summer Connections Countdown
  23. Discoveries & Adventures Open Doors to New Worlds
  24. Summer “Immersives” Provide Deep Dive Learning
  25. D-E 360° View: Summer Notes Edition
  26. Missing Health Forms?!
  27. An Alumni Profile: Aaron Dworkin ’93 
  28. Embracing Diversity
  29. Alumni Challenge: THANK YOU
  30. Class of 2018 “Gifts” New Patio
  31. Motherhood My Way: Becoming a Single Mother By Choice
  32. The Waiting Game: Finding Purpose in the Midst of Your Storms
  33. Cracked Open
  34. The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library
  35. “Feeling the Vibes”
  36. Seasonal Scenes
  37. Dwight-Englewood Honors
  38. League, County, & State Honors
  39. Winter Sports Highlights
  40. Faculty Endeavors
  41. LIVE at D-E
  42. David & Lisa Fall Play
  43. Swartley Series Showcases Alumni and Visiting Artists
  44. Appreciating the Arts
  45. String Society 2018
  46. STEM Institute 2018
  47. “LEARNING BOLDLY” with D-E 360° Summer Connections
  48. Legacy Families 2018-2019
  49. A Glorious Evening at Gloria Crest
  50. Bulldog Classic 2018 Highlights
  51. Reunion 2018
  53. Isabelle Pappas ’20
  54. Caroline Lee ’20
  55. Kenneth Yan ’19
  56. Lilly Trentacosta ’23
  57. Cameron Janssens ’19
  58. Riley Levine ’20
  59. Adia Guthrie ’21
  60. Allison “Ally” Raphael ’21
  61. Madison Gagnon ’19
  62. Linda Chen ’19
  63. Ryan Rodgers ’19
  64. Jordan McKoy ’19
  65. About the Village Project
  66. Middle School Construction: September 2018 – March 2019
  67. The Village Project: Middle School Building Construction Update (Beam Signing and Installation 4/12/2019)
  69. A Message from “Dr. D.”
  70. Join Us in July! Moulin Rouge on Broadway
  71. 2019-20 Volunteer Opportunities: Sign-Up Today!
  72. Exam and End-of-Year Schedule
  73. From Joe Algrant, US Principal
  74. “Resetting Your Parenting Patterns: a Workshop to Help Re-Build Healthy Parent/Child Relationships”
  75. Message from Jonathan Davis, MS Principal
  76. Change in the College Office
  77. Orientation to the Sixth Grade
  79. MLK Day: Food Drive (Still!) Underway
  80. “Tech Dependence: Turned On / Tuned Out” Feb. 21 Parent Ed. Evening Event with John Kriger
  81. Winter 2019 (date TBD): PA welcomes John Kriger, best-selling author, “Tuned On and Tuned Out”
  82. “PEP” Evening Event on Resilience/Self-Reliance
  83. Timothy Shoemaker, Substance Abuse Educator: Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019
  84. Deborah Roffman Workshop Follow-Ups
  85. Commencement 2018
  86. Spirit Week 2017
  87. Jamming in the City
  88. Fifth Graders Explore “The Best Part of Me”
  89. Students Attend National Diversity Conference
  90. Lower Schoolers Explore the Story of the Hudson River and Their Role as Earth’s Stewards
  91. Middle School Explores “Humans of D-E”
  92. Grade 9 “Identity” Seminar
  93. D-E Marks MLK Day 2018
  94. Upper School Fall Teams Summary
  95. Middle School Fall Teams Summary
  96. Early Winter Athletics Team Standouts
  97. D-E Green/Sustainability Programs
  98. Chess Masters at Play with D-E 360° ACE (Aftercare & Enrichment)
  99. String Society Welcomes Project Trio to Summer 2018 Program
  100. Arts Highlights Winter 2017
  101. Swartley Gallery Welcomes Artists Springer, Stein, and D-E Alumna Giancarlo ’10
  102. Romeo and Juliet: A Shakespeare Classic Set in Hajjar STEM Center
  103. Artistic Faculty Endeavors
  104. Myrna B. Sherman Gym Dedication
  105. ESB ’65
  106. Alumni and Community Happenings
  107. The Mapmaker’s Daughter
  108. Big Impact: Insights & Stories from America’s Non-Profit Leaders
  109. Danger Signs! Contraindications and Proper Applications of Spinal Manipulation
  110. Experiences of Women of Color in an Elite US Public School
  111. African American History Day by Day: A Reference Guide to Events
  112. African American-Latino Relations in the 21st Century
  113. Night Vision
  114. War Against War: The American Fight for Peace, 1914-1918
  115. The Empire’s Ghost: A Novel
  116. Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Opinions of the United States Supreme Court
  117. Namaste Mumbai
  118. A Concise Guide to Mastering the Medical School Interview
  119. Appetites: A Cookbook
  120. JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity
  121. Neuroradiology: The Requisites, 4th Edition
  122. Class
  123. The Happy Cook: 125 Recipes for Eating Every Day Like It’s the Weekend
  124. Round Trip (Music CD)
  125. Diamonds in the Dirt (Music CD)
  126. Sunday Bolero (Music CD)
  127. Local Glories: Opera Houses on Main Street, Where Art and Community Meet
  128. Leave this Song Behind: Teen Poetry at its Best
  129. Drop the Act, It’s Exhausting!
  130. Black Rainbow
  131. The Short Side of Paradise – A Memoir
  132. Blood in the Lake
  133. Live from Crush Palace (Music CD)
  134. Blood in the Cane Field
  135. Star of David
  136. Family (Music CD)
  137. Ozone Journal
  138. Vise and Shadow: Essays on the Lyric Imagination, Poetry, Art and Culture
  139. The Brooklyn Cowgirl Rides Again (Music CD)
  140. Dwight-Englewood School: Celebrating Our Story
  141. Freeing the Light Within: A Guide to Radiance Practice
  142. Relish: An Adventure in Food Style, and Everyday Fun
  143. There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me
  144. Crush Songs
  145. Push Dick’s Button: A Conversation on Skating from a Good Part of the Last Century–and a Little Tomfoolery
  146. I Love Those Earrings: A Popular History from Ancient to Modern
  147. Put It In Perspective: A Teen’s Guide to Sanity
  148. Bookends: Stories Of Love, Loss, And Renewal
  149. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Girls’ MS Tennis

By Coach Gautham Akula

The best thing about the Fall 2017 season was that everyone played in every match, whether official or exhibition. We had a lot of team spirit and good parent involvement. The best match was our first, when we beat Saddle River Day 4-1. Emma Hazelton ’21 won a tiebreaker at 7-7 that required her to come back and play under pressure. The whole team was there to support her effort. Our last match was also a season highlight because we played a tough team from Montclair Kimberly Academy (MKA), which plays all doubles players. MKA played only their seventh graders but still beat us 3-2. Every match except one went down to the last game to decide the winner. Afterward, we stopped at Wendy’s to grab a team dinner (eaten on the bus). While the matches were important, the best part of the season was the practices where the girls played hard and had fun. Every player improved in terms of serving percentages and the number of forehands and backhands hit in with consistency.

Girls’ MS Soccer

By Coach Rich Muller

The 2017 Middle School Girls’ Soccer team experienced a growing yet challenging season, featuring both a string of individual season-ending injuries and a team-wide hard-nosed and aggressive style of soccer. The team included eighth graders Angie Victor ’22, Olivia Asteris ’22, Amber Carr ’22, Leah Baker ’22, Jess Becker ’22, Lucy Jerome ’22, Diana Mendoza-Zavalas ’22, Finnula Papailas ’22, Dominique Williams ’22, and Hannah Model ’22. These young ladies were tremendous role models for the younger players and set the standard for playing with determination and grit. On behalf of Assistant Coach Mimi Garcia and myself, I want to thank each and every girl for giving her time, effort, dedication, and commitment this season. We’re looking forward to helping them learn and improve next season! Congratulations, Bulldogs, for a fun season!

Boys’ MS Soccer (White Team)

By Coach James Aitken

Great season, good growth, and excellent team wins against MKA (the first in a long time) and Alpine. Twelve players scored during the season, which is very high, so we were able to spread that out quite well. Our goalie development program was much more intentional; Assistant Coach Schade was helpful with that, and it went very well. With an excellent group of eighth graders, our team unity and leadership this year was strong. One particularly memorable game was the 2-2 comeback tie against a very scrappy and physical Memorial team. This was a confidence builder and really showed us what we were capable of. Too bad we didn’t get the rematch because of rain. A great season overall!

Boys’ MS Soccer (Blue Team)

By Coach Carrie Shaurette

The Middle School Boys’ Blue Team had a great season, the best one since Coach Ben Fleisher and I started coaching three years ago. We finished with a record of 6-2-1 and outscored our opponents 41-14 overall. Fourteen of our players scored at some point during the season, so we were thrilled with the diversity of goals. Leading in goal scoring were Davis Lee ’22, Rhys Bowie ’24, and Javi Ibarguen ’24; leading in assists were Rhys Bowie ’24, Mikey Minkin ’23, Jayden Morales ’23, Ben Opper ’23, and Carson Reinhart ’24. Our two goalkeepers, Arav Tank ’23 and Matt Haas ’23, made many impressive saves. We definitely improved throughout the season and had a lot of fun. Coach Fleisher and I are very proud not only of our wins but also of the way the boys played together as a team.

Boys’ MS Ultimate Frisbee

By Coach Jon Egan

The Boys’ Middle School Ultimate Team thoroughly enjoyed its inaugural season. The boys were mostly new to the game, with only three players, George Perez ’22, Armaan Pamani ’22, and Joe Murphy ’22, having previously played an organized game of Ultimate. As the season progressed, the group developed and improved by leaps and bounds in just two months. George was a standout both offensively and defensively, while Armaan, Joe, and Luc Gagnon ’22 showed great promise leading the offense down the field. Chris Civan ’22, Wesley Zhuang ’22, and Oliver Young ’22 rounded out the strong group of supportive eighth grade leaders. Despite the fact that our opponents were well-established Middle School teams, the Bulldogs were able to play several close games against their veteran counterparts, including a win against one of the teams from Westfield, whose school system has the strongest Ultimate program in New Jersey. Ultimate has been a varsity sport at D-E for only five years, so this is an exciting time for the Middle School to officially launch its team. The sixth and seventh graders who played this season are a strong group, eager to build on their successful first year.

Co-Ed MS Cross-Country

By Coach Courtney Marro

More than ever before, Middle School Cross-Country functioned as a team this year. Every one of its members enthusiastically volunteered to take on leadership roles and eagerly stepped up to share team responsibilities. Never before had the coaches wondered whether they were necessary at all—the students could have run practice themselves! In particular, returning member Isato Shabazz ’23 took it upon himself to offer advice to new runners, and Ben Tsirelman ’24 always volunteered to carry team supplies on race days. However, this selfless ethos would not have pervaded the group had it not been for two phenomenal role models, eighth grader Charlie Spitzley ’22 and returning eighth grader Ben Aaron ’22. Our last race of the season was a standout success, with almost every member of the team far outperforming earlier race times.

MS Volleyball

By Coaches Bryan Kessler and Terri Buckley

The girls showed tremendous progress throughout the season. Starting off with several newcomers and only five returning players, the team persevered through some early learning curves to emerge as a competitive group of players. Led by returning seventh graders Karina Pink ’23 and Anya Ganeshan ’23, the team was competitive for every point of each game. Newcomer eighth grader Emma Lagana ’22 emerged as a powerhouse server, while sixth grader Emma Brown ’24, returning seventh graders Maggie Yan ’23 and Kate Rotteman ’23, and resurgent returning eighth grader Isabel Cracchiolo ’22 jelled with the leaders in compiling a 2-9 record. Off the bench, newcomers Josie Blough ’23 and Gabriella Carballo ’24 were solid contributors. The team massively improved over the eight-week season and had a lot of fun.

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