Beyond Academics: Supporting a Holistic Learning Environment at D-E

In this issue, Michelle Carstens-Potts, Chair of the Health and Wellness Department; Dr. Danny Carragher, Chair of the Human Development Department; and Lisa Wittner, Director of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), discuss their roles and the programs they implement.

In our next issue, Part II of this series will feature conversations with members of our Student Support Leadership Team, including Dr. Deirdre O’Malley, Director of Counseling Services, and Marc Gladstone, Lead Learning Specialist. Interviews have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Upper School Club Brings Therapy Dogs to D-EStress

Upper School Club Brings Therapy Dogs to D-EStress

During the week before “PAW” (Projects & Assessments Week) in early March, the Upper School club called My Mind Matters (MMM) hosted a therapy dogs event for Upper School students. The two furry visitors, Oscar and Thor, made themselves comfortable in Hulst House,...