Month: September 2016

Round Trip (Music CD)

Blending elements of alternative pop, folk, and soul, this debut EP was written partially on subways and buses and was inspired by the wanderers and travelers of the world. Round Trip focuses on the idea of returning to a familiar place changed or altered by your experiences, both positive and negative. It is a story of leaving, coming home, and growing up.

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Diamonds in the Dirt (Music CD)

Heather Braverman’s first EP is a fresh blend of pop, R&B, and EDM with feel-good beats and bold lyrics. She describes it as vibe-y and rhythmic. Heather co-wrote all the songs, collaborating with various writers and producers all over Los Angeles.

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Sunday Bolero (Music CD)

Pianist Tyler Greenfield collaborated with a number of accomplished Cuban musicians to create this Latin jazz album of Cuban bolero classics, released on the Bim Bom Studios label. Sunday Bolero is one of those performances that is sharply etched and full of detailed expressive insights.

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