Cameron Janssens ’19

Tennis practice serves as respite from the stressful realities of high school. Every day after school I enter a separate world where for two hours I focus on one thing. Being a part of the Dwight-Englewood tennis team has been a cornerstone of my high school experience and representative of how I seek excellence. Whenever I am on the court, I seek excellence both in developing my skills and improving the dynamic of the entire team. 

On-court performance is only the visible part of a long process that requires perseverance and mental strength among other things. For me, the hardest part about playing tennis is not the actual matchplay, but all of the preparation leading to the performance. The amount of work put in completely determines the quality of the result. Through this, I have learned the importance of discipline and self-motivation in achieving not just tennis goals, but anything I might want to pursue later in life.

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