Summer Connections Countdown

The start of D-E 360° Summer Connections (SC) 2019 is less than two weeks away! Catch our SC Countdown Clock here.

Schedule your best summer ever: For a quick snapshot of Schedules for all our SC 2019 programs, including our Immersives as well as our Enrichment, Academic Enrichment, and Scholars offerings, reference our D-E 360° Summer Connections 2019 Schedule Grid click here. Important, please note that this Schedule Grid is subject to change.

For a schedule of all our most current offerings use our handy online Scheduling Tool click here.

UPDATE: D-E 360° Summer Connection’s Vaccination Policy for Campers and Staff

Parents send their children to camp assuming they will have many fun, positive social interactions, and learn from our rich Summer Connections programs. They also expect that Dwight-Englewood provides a safe and healthy environment. We want you to know that D-E 360° Summer Connections takes the health and safety of your child very seriously and as such, has adopted the following policy: All members of our community must be adequately immunized against all preventable diseases, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. While parents may choose to defer the vaccination of their children, for the D-E 360° Summer Connections community this is not an option. The routine vaccination of all children, staff and faculty is an important public health matter, especially in the confined environment of a summer camp community.

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