D-E 360° View – Summer Notes Edition 7/26/2019

D-E 360° View
Summer Notes Edition

Week 5 was alive with energy at D-E 360° Summer Connections 2019, thanks to thoughtful initiatives linked to Camp Kindness Day (celebrated on July 25); exciting hands-on Enrichment offerings such as Cut N Sew, Delectable Desserts; Fiesta Mexicana; and Investigative Reporting, to name a few; and special space system- and future-minded programs for our youngest campers as they opened doorways to “The World Beyond” (see below for details).

Through the Enrichment Program at D-E 360° Summer Connections, campers have the opportunity to choose classes from a wide variety of options. Some classes are all-day Immersives, where campers are given an in-depth experience like no other in a specialty of their choice. For campers looking for more variety in their day, they are able to pick three classes with roots in athletics, arts, or STEM.

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Enrichment & Immersive Highlights

Marine Biology: Ocean Exploration

Campers learned all about the ocean from current and salinity to fish and whales in this week’s featured immersive. They engaged in exciting experiments, oceanography simulations, and related games. They got to speak to some researchers and study live animals in their habitats.

Cut N Sew

Campers were taught how to bring a design vision to life all while being conscientious of the environment. They recycled, repurposed, and reformed their own clothes by cutting, sewing, and piecing them together to make something new and original.

Fencing Academy

Through a program developed by Olympic fencers, campers developed their individual fencing skills with specific drills in foil, epee, and sabre.

Architect’s Studio

With presentations and hands-on projects, campers took creative approaches to designing and drawing buildings. They used a variety of materials to construct their own unique cities and architectural models.

The Verdict

Campers entered a simulated courtroom, acting as judges, jurors, prosecutors, defenders, and witnesses. They enacted trials about social media, bullying, and the First Amendment.

Discoveries & Adventures, and
Junior Summer Day Camp Highlights

Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Day Camp campers explored our world beyond! The campers learned about stars, planets, the sun, space travel, and more. In their classes campers created art, read books, and enjoyed other projects relating to space. On Wednesday the Adventures campers went to the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, New York. They watched an educational show in the planetarium and created and even launched their own rockets. For Theme Thursday, campers came dressed as superheroes. Continuing the space theme, two special visitors representing NASA, including science presenter Laura Jean Checki, met with the campers to talk about our solar systems and space. Every camper enjoyed waterplay during this hot week.

For more in-depth overviews from each of our groups in Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Summer Day Camp, visit https://de360.d-e.org/summer/discoveries-and-adventures/ or click here!

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2019 Theme Keys Opening Doorways to New Worlds

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