Surrealism Exhibit explores new ways of thinking in Art & Design

Inspired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “Surrealism Beyond Borders” exhibit this past fall, D-E’s Promotional Arts Society (PAS) and the Visual Arts Department curated their own exhibit, “Surrealist Visions: A Collective Showing.” Gathering 41 participants from all three divisions, students and faculty brought their fantastical imaginations to life. 

Along with PAS Leaders Bodhi Mathur ’23, Emma Leifer ’23, & Taryn Silver ’23, Edalix Marin ’23, presented their own original works (including Edalix’s sculpture titled Capricho) and they also learned what goes into curating an exhibit. Edalix noted that, “when you go to a show, you don’t always think about how deliberate the placing of everything is. How will people view it? Is this piece too low? I think that was interesting to think about.”

PAS Faculty Advisor, Rachel Brusky, who presented an oil painting titled, The Journey Within, reflected on how special a showcase like this one—an ode to Surrealism. Rachel said, “ I am very pleased with how the exhibition represents the evolution of a child’s mind and view of the world to the mind of a contemporary teenager and adult, all living in this unique moment in time.” 

Visual arts is a necessary medium for exploratory expression. Congratulations to all the artists on a wonderful show. 

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