8th Grade Paper Roller Coaster Expo

That’s how we roll! This year’s 8th Grade class constructed 24 marvelous paper roller coasters made of cardstock, tape, and imagination… learning hands-on about physics, programming, circuitry, and more in the process! Students were split into teams and worked together to create their uniquely-themed roller coaster that was filled with twists, turns, and loops Through this long-term project, students were able to visually see the transformation of their marble’s potential energy into kinetic energy. In addition, each group programmed a timer using a Makey-Makey circuit board and Scratch to measure how long the marble travels down the roller coaster. Families, faculty, and students were invited to try out the roller coasters during the Paper Roller Coaster Expo, where the final products were exhibited. Guests had the opportunity to vote for their favorite roller coasters based on visuals, thrill levels, and overall creativity. Congratulations to our winners, as follows: 1st Place: “Niagara Balls”; 2nd Place “CreaTony Coaster”; and 3rd Place: “Candyland”. CHEERS to all our 8th Grade coaster creators!

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