Ice Hockey Club Wraps Up Inaugural Season

D-E’s Ice Hockey Club Team recently wrapped up their first season with great hopes for the future! The team’s final game, against the Green Knights of St. Joe’s, was held at a very foggy Mackay Arena (Englewood). Despite some injured players, the Bulldogs fought hard, showing true D-Etermination and making us proud. From the first break to the final period, this last game was especially fast.  With only 90 seconds left on the clock, the Knights tied it up, and that is the way the score ended, even as the Bulldogs had a few late chances to score that were turned away. The end result: a 5-5 tie. In the words of Coach Iwanski, “For a young team that really only practiced together once per week and played against established opponents, this was a resounding success!” GO BULLDOGS!!!

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