D-E “Matheletes” Score in AIME, Alex Sheffeld ‘26 on to USAJMO!

WOW & Way to go D-E “Mathletes!” D-E Upper School students Elise Zhu ’24, Alex Sheffield ’26, Brandon Zhu ’26 and Matthew Suh ’26 scored in the top 5 -10 percent of their respective American Mathematics (AMC) competitions in November, which earned each of them an invitation to the American Invitational Mathematics Competition (AIME) on February 1. (Pictured here from left to right are Brandon, Elise, Matthew, and Alex.) 

Alex scored in the top 1% nationally on the AMC 10 and in the top 25% on the AIME I. His combination of scores has earned Alex an invitation to the United States of America Junior Mathematics Olympiad (USAJMO), a competition which invites only 150-250 students nationally! USAJMO is a 6-question, 9-hour proof-based competition which will be held over two days, March 19 and 20. 

CHEERS to Alex, Elise, Brandon and Matthew, and best of luck to Alex in the upcoming USAJMO!

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