AP Gallery Wall 2022

D-E’s Visual Art Department presented the “AP Gallery Wall 2022”! This year’s cohort of AP Art students were excited to showcase select pieces from their ongoing visual portfolios. AP Art is a yearlong course typically taken by juniors and seniors interested in the rigorous process of portfolio creation. As part of the CollegeBoard’s AP exam, students submit up to 20 artworks that demonstrate their design thinking, unique style, and breadth of skill. Many students utilize the course to apply to top art schools across the country.

This year’s cohort led by Art & Design chair, Marisol Diaz, displayed an incredible range of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and drawing pieces. Each work is expected to demonstrate skillful synthesis of materials, processes, and ideas. The “AP Gallery Wall” was an opportunity for the community to appreciate the dedication and thoughtfulness of these students. Congratulations to all!

AP Gallery Wall 2022 Artists:

  • Lexi Altirs ’22
  • Amber Carr ’22
  • Hyeri Chun ’22
  • Nicole Hirsch ’22
  • Liv Ilasz ’22
  • Samantha Lee ’23
  • Emma Leifer ’23
  • Hugo Louis ’23
  • Bodhi Mathur ’23
  • Olivia Muttart ’22
  • Sophia Seriale ’22
  • Taryn Silver ’23
  • Ben Tausner ’22
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