Neurodivergent Affinity

The Neurodivergent Affinity Club’s mission is to educate and inspire change. Founder and leader Red Nochomovitz ’25 “hope to bring awareness about . . . to make the school more inclusive and a safe environment for everyone no matter how their brain works”. From conversing with students and faculty members about neurodivergence to holding weekly meetings that provide a safe space, the Neurodivergent Affinity has been working towards their goals all throughout the year.

Red hopes that the affinity group also inspires change amongst D-E’s policies; in their words: “we’re thinking maybe we for the faculty in specifically surrounding neurodiversity and how to handle those specific situations with students.” As just one example, for this year’s Spring Carnival, the affinity hosted a “quiet area” as an escape from the heat and loud music.  Red noted, “I hope that in terms of policy changes, the school, through Neurodivergent Affinity, becomes more aware of the fact that to everybody of all neurotypes, not just neurotypical people.”

The Neurodivergent Affinity Club has also been a place for Red and their peers to find unexpected friendships across all grades; it is a space that is built upon students always supporting each other.  Red wishes Neurodivergent Affinity will grow beyond them, and will continue to influence and inspire for the years to come.

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