D-E 360° Peru Trip Recap

During Spring Break, a small group of 8th grade students were fortunate to travel to Peru on an incredible trip hosted by D-E 360°. From all accounts the trip was an amazing experience, including visiting the Rainbow Mountains, shopping (and bargaining!) at an artisanal market in Aguas Calientes, and exploring the Incan ruins at Ollantaytambo. The group also had the experience of hiking on an arduous but rewarding trek to Machu Picchu, which included viewing Huayna Picchu where the Inca’s high priest would have lived. Students provided daily recaps for their families back home. This one sums up nicely the group’s Machu Picchu hike: “The trail incorporated incredible views as well as terrifying drops. The steep slopes made it hard to climb and allowed for many water breaks and rests. As we climbed higher up the steep stairs that the Incas used to climb daily, the hike was difficult and everybody tried the best of their ability to finish the hike, pushed themselves, and we are very proud of everyone for their effort. Either way we all overcame hard challenges that strengthened us as a group.” 

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