4th Grade Kicks-Off Annual “World Peace Game”

Our 4th Grade recently started their annual “World Peace Game”! The World Peace Game entails our 4th grade classes being divided into imaginary nations. In addition, there is a World Bank, United Nations, World Court, and Weather Gods/Goddesses who control the vagaries of hurricanes and tsunamis, determine the fate of the stock market, and guide players through the game.  WPG is played using a large Plexiglass structure representing our planet. It is an imposing 4 level affair – undersea, sea level, airspace, and outer space – covered with submarines and ships, soldiers and cities, tanks and oil wells, spy planes and satellites. 

Students are provided with national budgets, assets, and dossiers,outlining twenty-three global crises. They learn to negotiate, conduct hurried last-minute deals, plot their battles, and draw up treaties. The focus of the WPG is the peaceful resolution of conflict. WPG is a game that rewards compromise and the ability to negotiate. At its heart, the essence of the game is cooperation. Here’s to our young diplomats!

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