10:30 PM

Why today I stay awake

No pressure on my back

No dangling eyelids asking for rest

Just the notion of day

Everything I tried hasn’t worked

I’m incomparably awake

My throat parched

And no quantity of water

 can quench my thirst

I lie on my bed

And wait

For only time knows what

But what if nothing Happens


My insomnia attack

A duel

Of sleep versus awake

And I know sleep

Is not triumphant. 

11:00 pm

I’m still awake

Only animated still

What should I do?

That’s the question I want to know

But I get no answer

It’s the dead of Night

 and I’m living

Stirring, shaking, moving, Jumping, whining, yelling, all but sleeping.

If this was Saturday I Would have had a piece of

Unlucky luck

I could watch Saturday Night Live

And have the time fly

But no

This is not Saturday


Wednesday, the day of the hump day of the camel 


It’s midnight

But it’s not the new year

The Insomnia strikes

Again and again

Sleep lost the war

And now I’m suffering

I can’t run from the enemy I can only face him

As he holds me a hostage of war

Locked in a cold cage

No door to escape

The bars are too small for my body to squeeze through 

And me awake in this world of the darkness and i’m still living

And thriving in the world of the darkness

The are hot but the bars of the cag of insomnia

Cold, my hands are 

hot but i’m still 


Cold from the war

Cold from the battle.

But why can’t I 


4:00 AM



I fell asleep a while ago

But my Insomnia is back

And robust

Again and again

It’s 4:00 Am and I still can’t sleep.

Maybe I should just stop trying to sleep.