Ms. Dana Stangel-Plowe “My Extended Family Chats in Quarantine”

A Found Poem, April 2020

You match the dog

Great to actually see you

Not in the city

Let’s walk tomorrow

Good article

Keep your devices charged

Is this all really happening?

You are all overreacting

Rockland Lake closed starting tomorrow

Good morning from Westchester

NJ is going to follow suit

Going to run stadiums

She’s getting to be a such a big girl

This is cute

This is for the dog lovers

We still do not know how many are truly infected

Good that it worked out

Would rather be teaching in school

I’ve been up since 4:40

Now we wear masks

How are we gonna do this?

How was your seder?

How was Easter?

What do you need from CVS

We can’t get grocery deliveries

You can also heat up some chili if you prefer

Wiping out all the progress that has been made

My absolute pleasure

I worry about having to decontaminate

Sounds like the New York Times

He’s much much better

Pad Thai

Mental health problems, addictions

Keep your jaw relaxed

I dont think I can write a 5 page paper on it

Don’t ruin your look because of this

RIP my dignity

It’s where our family is sharing

War is too important to be left to the generals

Love you all

Give up waiting as a state of mind

Can you make me coffee

Can you cut the chicken please

Stay strong

Maybe we’ll be back in 2-4 weeks

Bernie got his bread lines

Can you get avocado and tortillas

Do you think they have toilet paper

Can we please make the switch to Spotify

When is dinner

Hang in there

I’ve read his books

We made a donation

I have a crush on Cuomo

Your sister told me

Pizza and beets

I’m not cooking

I’m sorry you think I was impatient

How are things there?

I don’t care ask dad

Come into the present moment

Would we get to transfer playlists


It’s our reality.

Come on out for a wave

There’s chicken in the fridge

Read this one

It’s not so bad

Is everyone feeling ok

Do you need anything

Everyone used up my words

Sorry that’s what I meant

Will be interesting to see what happens

I would never

That’s ridiculous

Do you need anything?

Also creating a queue is much easier

Don’t make a trip out for us

Good night my sweet

We have enough food