Linda Chen ’19

Of all the activity at D-E, I think volleyball has shaped my definition of excellence the most. Everyone on the team knows all too well how important the book Wooden is to us. Written by one of the most successful basketball coaches in history, Wooden has taught us to relentlessly pursue excellence with grace and humility. With this mentality, we were really able to embrace our reputation as underdogs and excel far beyond our expectations. I think this theme of being the underdogs can be found in many of my activities, such as robotics and WISE (Women In STEM Education). Both programs started out small and, through patience and ambition, I was able to create a lasting impact that shifted the culture of our school. 

Meanwhile, my experience in these activities has revealed a lot about myself. Through many setbacks and victories, I learned about what matters to me. At the end of the day, I love being part of something bigger than myself. Whether watching the glow of understanding and curiosity from a student or the smile of confidence of a teammate, I feel a sense of pride and giddiness every time I have inspired or motivated someone. It’s a bit addicting.

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Linda Chen ’19 (far left, in white) celebrating a victory with her fellow Varsity Volleyball teammates.

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