A LookBack: Bergen Science Challenge 2023!

In early June, we had members of the MS Research & Innovation Club head to Bergen County Academies in Hackensack, NJ to present at the Bergen Science Challenge. Led by club advisor and Innovation Coordinator, Ms. Colleen Larionoff, students worked alone or in pairs to create a research project with a testable hypothesis to present at the fair. Students conducted research using library databases, and following the scientific method, designed and carried out research methods to investigate their questions.

The Bergen Science Challenge is an annual event that engages students’ intellectual pursuits and provides an opportunity for students to practice developing research methods. After all, humans aren’t perfect, and errors are a part of science!

Presentations at this year’s fair included:

A Comparison of Household Liquids and Their Ability to Deter Ants


Space Spinach! – How Varying Levels of UV Radiation Affect Pigmentation and Photosynthesis of Spinach Leaves


The Effects of Knowledge of the Monte CarloTree Search Algorithm and One’s Ability to Do Quick Math on Backgammon


Transferring Kinetic Energy to Electricity to Enhance User Independent Mobility in Walking Assistance Devices


The Effects of LED Planting Lights on Pea Shoots


How Different Temperatures Affect the Sprouting of Chia Seeds


The Effects of Mass on An Orbiting Object


Sports Drinks VS Juices: Which Has More Electrolytes

Overall, we had an outstanding turnout in the competition with these accolades: 

Overall Finalist Advancing to Nationals: Sylvie Yao

1st Place Mathematics and Computer Science: Sylvie Yao

1st Place Environmental Science: Chelsea Shen

2nd Place Environmental Science: Prisha Vora and Nellie Tishler

3rd Place Engineering: Jason Lee

3rd Place Biology: Sehyun Chang anf Elliot Levinsky

Honorable Mention: Owen Lee, Audrey Son, Madison Meier, Reya Shah

Congratulations to our MS Research & Innovation Club Members!

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