Diwali Highlights

In light of the annual Diwali holiday, D-E’s South Asian Parent & Guardian Affinity Group (PGAG) this year hosted a series of wonderful programs for our students and faculty/staff in all three divisions.

In the Lower School, parent volunteers provided hands-on classroom presentations and craft activities. Diwali is known as the “Festival of Lights”, a holiday celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, & Buddhists for various reasons, but all celebrate the victory of light over darkness. Students clearly enjoyed crafting paper lanterns, paper rangolis, and diyas! The Lower School was filled with color with sand art and hanging decorations all around.

In the Middle School, South Asian students and South Asian PGAG volunteers together hosted a Diwali Assembly. Students played a Kahoot trivia game about Diwali, learned more about Diwali traditions, and even heard an original rap about the holiday! And in the Upper School, the South Asian Affinity Student Group hosted a rangoli-making workshop with colorful sand and paper templates. Faculty and staff were also provided a “D-Elicious” Diwali appreciation lunch in Hajjar Auditorium, courtesy of the South Asian PGAG.

A huge thank you to our South Asian PGAG for these many, meaningful opportunities to celebrate Diwali at D-E this year!

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