Kindergarten Forts!

Submitted by Susan Abramson

The Lower School schedule created is intended to provide structure and flexibility. It is meant to provide instruction to be sure children keep learning, but we have also tried to address children’s universal drive to create, explore and play.

In kindergarten last week one of the activities for Reading Workshop tapped into this drive by asking them to think about building a special place for reading using only materials found at home. Many of you might remember from your own childhood the experience of building a fort out of cushions and blankets and the joy of creating a simple yet private and magical space.

In the photos you can see the smiling faces of our kindergarten students who have built special reading spots. Some are private spots, and some are meant to be shared with a sibling or a stuffed friend. All of the photos represent what we hope your children still have time to do while away from school.  Of course, we will provide instruction to make sure they read, do math, and practice spelling rules, but we also want to make sure that as best we can, we protect their need to still be children and do what children do best: play.

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