Together We Can

Together they stand tall like a champion,

Together they contemplate the problem,

Together they smell the scent of success,

Together they taste their goal, a goal that tastes sweet like sugar,

Together they touch hands to symbolize their partnership.

This idea of working together is important always,

But right now, it is more important than ever,

With all the problems facing our world,

With people dying and global Covid-19 cases in the millions,

With all the health care workers putting their lives on the line to help others,

We need to give back and create change.

Working Together does not have to include the whole world,

It would be great if it did,

But instead of looking at the world, or our country, or a state,

Let’s look at our school community.

How can D-E work together?

Let’s start with our school, 

Because if we do our part,

To stop the spread,

We will return to our school campus. 

Let’s work together as a school to keep us safe and healthy and to reunite us on our campus. 

Asher Cohen ’25

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