A Glorious Evening at Gloria Crest

The D-E Head of School Society (HoSS) gathered earlier this year together with Head of School Dr. Rodney V. De Jarnett and his wife, Annette, and members of the Board of Trustees, for an appreciation event at the historic Gloria Crest Estate in Englewood. Members of the HoSS are those donors who have made an exceptional D-E Annual Fund financial investment of $2,500 or more.

Gloria Crest is located adjacent to the campus, across the street from Collins House, the Head of School’s residence. While most people only can catch a glimpse of it when its majestic gates occasionally open, this event allowed HoSS members a complete tour of the 24,000-square-foot mansion and 5+ acre grounds. Currently available for sale, the property has an intriguing past, including the story that it was once occupied by screen legend (and Academy Award-winning actress) Gloria Swanson. At the time, Swanson was having a much-publicized relationship with Joseph Kennedy.

Kelly Spitzley P ’18, ’22 and Cyma Zarghami ’80, P ’15, ’21, ’29
Alan Bell ’77, Dale Bell, Michael Katz, Roni Katz, and Dana Adler ’85
From left: Michele Grodberg ’79 P ’24, Dr. Sander "Sandy" Florman P ’17 ’20 ’24, and Toby Florman P ’17 ’20 ’24
Elizabeth Harrison and Keith Schwebel P ’20
From left: Brett Shevack P ’21, Kate Shevack P ’21, Marta Mehlmann P ’32, and Tino Mehlmann
From left: Michele Grodberg ’79 P ’24, Dr. Sander "Sandy" Florman P ’17 ’20 ’24, and Toby Florman P ’17 ’20 ’24
From left: Jane Angert, Dana Adler ’85, and Mimi Sauma
From left: David Plotnick P ’19, Catherine Chow P ’19, Tong Li P ’26, and Bin Zhu P ’26
Peter & Nancy Serpico P ’23

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