Second Grade Garden Store

Submitted by Doran Muus 

The Second Grade Garden Store was in full swing during the final weeks of school, and the youngsters were excitedly setting out the cash register and the garden items they prepared for the store. They counted the money Ms. Lemire had “paid” them for their work weighing and packaging the soil, painting the planters, and filling and decorating the seed packages. Finally, they went shopping, adding and subtracting money in their head. However, when one student looked at the change in his hand, he knew something was not right. His friend had purchased the same seeds and the same soft dirt for her decorated planter, but she had more money left over in her hand and was contemplating another purchase while he stared at his single coin. “Can we have a do-over?” he asked the cashier politely and together they discovered the mistake and corrected the problem, which allowed him to buy more garden supplies. These moments illustrate the cross-curricular nature of the Lower School Science program and allow students to apply science and math to real-life situations. As important, our children also learn that skills practice and problem-solving are purposeful and enjoyable in combination with friends, intentional projects, and bustling activity. 

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