Looking ahead to 2020-2021: Academic Scheduling Begins

As we begin to plan for next year (yes it’s that time), we
are altering our process from previous years just a little, aiming to make
things a little more clear and efficient. There are many steps to the decisions
that students will make, and we’ll start this week with asking current
sophomores and juniors to indicate which honors and AP courses they want to be
considered for. The department chairs have explained the options at a meeting at
the end of last week, after which students have completed their requests. The
department chairs and deans will take these requests and make the final
determinations on placement. We have urged them to remember that indicating
preference is not admission into the course. We will place students in courses
xbased on what we believe is best for them.

After working with this information, we will move more
deeply into the scheduling conversation in about two weeks, and we invite you
to hear from the deans on Monday March 2, 2020, at 7:00 PM. We will send
a reminder the week before the event but please mark the date. This is an
important event to attend for parents in grades 9, 10, and 11.

As we get to the logistics of the process, we have come to
realize over the past couple of years that fewer and fewer students actually
use the printed copies we produce of the Course of Studies book, so we have
decided to take the more environmentally sound route and work from the online

Parents/guardians will learn more about this at the meeting
on March 2.

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