The Rights of Spring in Preschool-3

In Preschool-3, one part of our distance learning program has been the fun-and-learn sharing of the marvels of faunal and floral transformations that unfold in forests and woodlands in spring.

We began with a look at trees and how they burst from bare twigs and branches into spectacular explosions of leaves and flowering colors – pink, purple, yellow, fuchsia, white and other spectral delights. Within this gorgeous backdrop, using professional photographs, we have narrated the awakening emergence of woodland animals and their newborn babies from their winter dens and caves.

Our children observed how the babies acclimate to their environment and the various situations that different baby animals experience – playing, exploring, making friends with other baby animals of their own species and sometimes other species – all under the loving protection and guidance of their devoted parents. We have so far looked at the brown bear, grey squirrel, skunk, fox, chipmunk, titmouse, chick, and moose.

Each animal lesson culminates with the children cutting out and wearing a paper mask of the animal. The children enjoy “becoming” woodland creatures themselves.

Getting the opportunity to take a peek through the lens of animal babies, the children are able to see how similar humans and other animal species are in regard to needs, feelings, desires and play styles.

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