D-E Welcomes Visiting Poet S.C.Says

D-E kicked-off National Poetry Month in a meaningful way this week by welcoming the award-winning slam poet S.C. Says.  S.C. met with both Middle and Upper School students in a series of assemblies, small group discussions and English class visits. Through sharing original, very personal poems and stories, S.C. demonstrated the importance and potential of intentional, purposeful empathy. S.C. also walked through ways to practice empathy, and described how the Japanese art of “Kintsukuroi” (“Golden Repair”)  – in which broken or chipped items are re-imagined into new, striking artwork –  is a metaphor for how flaws or mistakes can also be beautiful, once appreciated with a new perspective. Based on the hundreds of finger clicks and affirmative ‘hmmm’s’ heard during all of his presentations, S.C.’s message resonated with all listeners. Thank you S.C. Says for a fantastic community learning opportunity!  

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