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Samantha Langbaum Anderson ’85 and Rimi Chakraborty

Beyond Resilience to Rootsilience: A Revolutionary Women’s Leadership Framework for Balance, Well-being and Success

Unbound Press

February 2024

Providing ancient wisdom for modern leadership, Beyond Resilience to Rootsilience empowers women leaders to reclaim balance and well-being by decoding the language of our body, behavior, and mind. Our body shows us when we’ve been stretched beyond our limits and knocked out of balance. This book shows how to recognize the signs and what can we do about them.

The authors invented the word Rootsilience (pronounced “root – zeel – ience”), positing that new language is needed to create new consciousness and effect real, transformational change. Inspired by ancient teachings and modern science, the book and combines three key branches: conscious leadership, healing foods, and mind-body integration.

Lauren Brill ’03

Unseal Your Superpower: Letters to Inspire the Hero Within You

Lauren Brill Media LLC

December 2023

After years of carrying a heavy secret, seven-time Emmy-nominated reporter Lauren Brill shared it with the world in an open letter in April of 2017. At 16, she was drugged and abused by two strangers. After her letter went viral, she left her career as a sportscaster in a top-20 market to help others turn their secrets into superpowers. She started a company called The Unsealed (theunsealed.com) as a platform that provides a safe space for people to share their personal stories and empower themselves while inspiring others.

Unseal Your Superpowers includes letters—some ghostwritten by Brill—from everyday people, as well as some with name recognition. They include Gretchen Carlson, who sued Fox News and who addresses her letter to ambitious young women, and Brian Cuban, brother of Mark Cuban, who addresses his letter to those who feel overshadowed by a sibling.

Michael Kazin ESB ’66

What It Took to Win: A History of the Democratic Party

Farrar, Straus and Giroux


Since its inception in the early nineteenth century, the Democratic Party has played a central role in defining American society. But what has the party stood for through the centuries, and how has it managed to succeed in elections and govern?

In What It Took to Win, the eminent historian Michael Kazin assesses the party’s long-running commitment to creating “moral capitalism”—a system that mixes entrepreneurial freedom with the welfare of workers and consumers. And yet the same party that championed the rights of the white working man also vigorously protected or advanced the causes of slavery, segregation, and Indian removal. As the party evolved towards a more inclusive egalitarian vision, it won durable victories for Americans of all backgrounds. But it also struggled to hold together a majority coalition and advance a persuasive agenda for the use of government.

Kazin traces the party’s fortunes through vivid character sketches of its key thinkers and doers, and examination of the records of early and more recent Democratic presidents. Throughout, Kazin reveals the rich interplay of personality, belief, strategy, and policy that define the life of the party.

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