Alexander Kim ’26 & Ananya Kannan ’26

Q: What have you been up to this summer?

A: Alex: I’ve been taking PreCalc (at D-E 360º) with Ananya. I’ve also been enjoying playing hockey.

A: Ananya: On top of taking PreCalc this summer, I’ve been working at an education center. I mostly grade and sometimes tutor. It’s been pretty , although sometimes confusing. I guess the hard part is teaching something that seems super obvious to you but isn’t obvious to someone you’re trying to teach. It makes me gain a better appreciation for the ability to teach something in an effective and concise way.

Q: What are things you are looking forward to in the Upper School? 

A: Alex: I free periods. I also think you get a lot more freedom in choosing your schedule and electives. There is also a lot of homework. I’ve heard honors history is hard. I’m afraid to procrastinate, but I’m excited for the classes and new freedom.

A: Ananya: I’m taking BC Calculus next year. I’m a little scared but also really excited for it. I really enjoyed doing (the Middle School newspaper) MS Papercut this year, so I may want to do something literary or journalism-related. I might want to start a math-related club.

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